Landscaping Software CRM

Landscaping Software’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is one of its star features. This tool enables landscape business owners to add customer data and store it in a centralized location.

Storing Customer Data

Users can input customer information such as names, addresses, and email addresses with just a few clicks. This information is of vital importance when scheduling jobs and completing orders. Landscaping Software’s CRM interface was designed to be simple and easy to use. Users can retrieve this required information quickly and ensure staff visit the right address while possessing relevant job details.

The CRM tool also offers a more in-depth view that shows additional customer information such as past jobs and financials.

Past Jobsite Locations

In addition to storing personal contact and address details, the CRM tool records information about current as well as past jobs. Users can view past jobsite locations for a particular customer easily. This feature is helpful when looking up information about customer jobs that were completed in the past.

Tracking Financial Details

Landscaping Software also maintains key details about customer financials. Users can retrieve the invoices sent to customers in the past and view details about each job. This information can be handy when comparing the profits generated during a particular job against the time and costs put in.

When used correctly, the CRM tool can help landscape business owners crunch the numbers and determine which jobs are the most profitable and which ones are less cost-efficient.

Monitoring Customer Status

Keeping track of whether customers are active or not has never been easier than it is with Landscaping Software. The CRM tool shows a customer’s active or inactive status next to their other contact information. This information can help landscape business staff determine which customers to contact when scheduling jobs for the future.

Staff can be prompted to get in touch with inactive customers to pitch new landscaping jobs or offer special deals.

Why Choose Landscape Software as your CRM?

Landscape Software’s offers powerful CRM capabilities packed into a simple and easy-to-use interface. New users will be able to pick-up on how to use this software quickly.

The CRM tool also allows landscape business owners to keep staff accountable and ensure each job is completed according to instructions. On the client side, users can ensure clients receive the correct invoice and that the relevant details of their order are clearly defined.

This CRM tool is useful for growing businesses that wish to scale up their operations in the future. It can handle large quantities of customer information and keep personal details safe for retrieval at a future time. This information can also be integrated with Landscape Software’s Scheduling tool for easy job scheduling.

Landscape Software’s capabilities are limited only by the way they are used. When utilized correctly, landscape business owners can optimize their business strategy and improve profits. All this can be accomplished from a centralized location that is easy to access.

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