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Landscaping Software is well-suited for landscaping businesses with 1 or more employees. It allows you to meet the requirements of a growing business while offering plenty of capabilities to make the management process easier.

Gain Better Insight

Our landscape management software solutions enable landscaping business owners to keep their data in a centralized location for easier access in real-time. This offers you the capabilities to run your business as you wish, and monitor its success closely.

Improved Decision-Making

Landscaping business owners can make smarter decisions by developing a better understanding of their business through landscaping software. You can track your business activities and company performance to make informed decisions that lead to better profits and speedier business growth.

Boost Your Profits

Managing costs is a crucial component of running a landscaping business. Our landscaping software solutions enable business owners to learn more about the factors that affect their profitability. You can view your data in many different ways to get real-time insight into your operation costs.

Gain Better Control of Your Landscaping Business and Help It Achieve Its Full Potential

Landscaping Software is designed to meet the expectations of landscaping business owners in the digital era. This landscaping management software can help you overcome many operational challenges and achieve profitable growth.

Scheduling & Routing

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Customer Relationship Management System

The built-in CRM offers many useful functions for managing relationships with your clients. This tool lets you keep track of your customer contact information such as email, phone number, addresses, and job sites in a centralized location for easy access.

Never miss out on important job details ever again with our handy CRM software.

In-Depth View of Your Customers
Complete Customer History

Accounting for all The Non-Accountants

Landscaping Software’s built-in accounting tool enables you to keep track of customer invoices and payments. You can link invoices to different jobs and ensure each one is up to date with your requirements.

Staying Up-To-Date
Simple and Efficient

Simple And Efficient Scheduling

Landscaping Software makes scheduling jobs for crews a breeze. It is efficient at scheduling activities for both time-based and non-time-based crews.

Make Changes Quickly

Scheduling feature allows managers to schedule time-based crews using a straightforward yet versatile scheduling tool. This tool lets you set up schedules efficiently and make fast adjustments whenever needed. It is especially useful for making alterations due to bad weather or other sudden changes.

Keep Track of Each Job

You can view each job easily in the Schedule dashboard to ensure that none are missed. You can also check to see that each crew member has access to the information they need to complete the job successfully.

Gain Insight Into Your Operation Efficiency

Scheduling offers a deeper understanding of your customer profitability and operational efficiency. This information is valuable for any growing business that wishes to scale up their operations while improving their bottom line.


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